Will We Ever See the Deadpool/Wolverine Bromance On-Screen?

Image copyright 20th Century Fox 2016/20th Century Fox 2018/Marvel Comics

It’s one of the greatest team-ups in Marvel Comics history.

Two mutated super soldiers, both (basically) incapable of dying, and both with a lot of blood on their hands, Wolverine and Deadpool have clashed swords (well, swords and claws) on numerous occasions, as well as fight on the same side.

And, whilst Deadpool 2 co-star Josh Brolin’s Cable is arguably the Deadpool bromance, it hasn’t stopped fans clamouring for the Regenerating Degenerate to partner up with ole Logan on the big screen.

And before we go any further, that time in X-Men Origins: Wolverine does not count!

It hasn’t just been the fans who have wanted to see the pair meet on-screen either, as Ryan Reynolds has, essentially, begged and pleaded for Hugh Jackman to done the claws one last time to make the dream a reality.

A large portion of the marketing for Deadpool 2 – as well as the hilarious opening sequence for said movie – has paid homage to Jackman’s final hooray in 2017’s amazing Logan, with more than just a little bit of a taunting and teasing to try and lure him back into the fray. Reynolds has also brought it up in interviews – manymany times.

And whilst it would be nice to see the two on screen in full X-Men costuming – the proper one, this time – it is, currently, an impossibility.

As of Logan, Hugh Jackman has officially hung up his claws and retired from the role. Oh, and, you know, Wolverine died!

But, of course, nobody really ever stays dead in comic books – unless they’re the parents/guardians of superheroes, of course – so who knows?

In response to one of the most recent begging sessions, Jackman finally responded to Reynolds when he took the spotlight on Good Morning America.

Speaking to Good Morning America, Hugh said:

“Ryan, I love you, man. I love Deadpool – I can’t wait to see the movie, you’re one of my best friends.

But just back it up a little, play a little hard to get – it’s too much, it’s not sexy.”

Again, comic book movies don’t exactly follow the same sort of conventions as other genres out there, and Deadpool has actually referenced the world of super-hero/comic book movies, mocking them time and time again.

Plus, considering his newfound ability at the end of Deadpool 2, there’s a large ability to change the past and effectively bring Wolverine back from the dead.

And, to that end, Reynolds claimed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that, in his universe, Wolverine is very much alive and well.

“He’s alive and well in my timeline,” Reynolds told EW. “There is a Logan running around out there with a little bushy chest and his little sharpy, sharpy claws, and he is alive and well and ready to go. I would love that.

There’s no human being I love more than Hugh Jackman in that universe, and equally so as a friend. He’s just the best.

I already miss him as Logan, so I’m one of those guys that whenever I see him, I’m like, ‘Come on, man. Just one more. Come on. We’ll do it together. It’ll be fun. Come on! On three. Here we go, together. One, two, three, together,’ and it’s always just me saying it.”

With Jackman officially retiring from the role – save for the possibility to play Wolverine one last time should he ever get the chance to bring the character to the MCU – as well as now being at the ripe age of 49, it looks increasingly unlikely that we’d ever get the chance to see Wilson and Logan team up.

I suppose we’ll just have to make do with hilarious sketches such as this one;

-James, 13/06/2018

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