Jared Leto is Set to Take on Sony’s Morbius, the Living Vampire

Image copyright Marvel Comics 1971

The internet has been abuzz recently over the reports that none other than Jared Leto is being eyed to play the lead role in Sony’s Morbius, the Living Vampire movie.

As reported by Deadline – and soft-confirmed by Leto himself on Instagram – Leto will take the lead as the titular Morbius, a biochemist who, in an attempt to cure a fatal blood disease, injects himself with a serum infused with vampire bat blood. The serum turned the former Dr Michael Morbius into the Living Vampire who needs to absorb people’s blood to keep himself alive.

Morbius will be another part of Sony‘s burgeoning Spider-Verse franchise alongside Venom, Silver & Black and Nightwatch.

Sony has also tapped director Daniel Espinosa, as well as writers Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama (from Netflix‘s Lost in Space) to work on the project.

To confirm the news, Leto shared an image to his Instagram of Morbius from the cover of Marvel NOW!‘s The Man Called Morbius.

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There could be a slight chance that Leto was hinting at the narrative of the movie, as The Man Called Morbius saw the traditional Spider-Man villain escape from prison and seek redemption amongst the streets of Brownsville. The film is set to establish Morbius as an anti-hero as opposed to the traditional villain (or even anti-villain, as he sometimes is presented) so this story might be an inspiration for the studio.

For anyone wondering if filming for Morbius will disturb Leto’s time as the DCEU‘s Joker, considering he’s got several movies in the pipeline already, Variety reports that there shouldn’t be a conflict.

“Leto has been busy setting up a film slate that includes a solo Joker movie at Warner Bros. Souces say this film [Morbius] does not affect that role.”

So, that should make it easier for the movie to come to fruition. How long it takes remains to be seen – considering Silver & Black has been postponed to allow for script-changes – but at least there’s a star to fill in the role. We’re still waiting to hear who will be cast as the title characters in Silver & Black, which was, at one time, supposedly going to be out before.


Sony’s Spider-Verse franchise kicks off with Tom Hardy’s Venom which hits UK cinemas the 5th October.

-James, 28/06/2018


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