Will Director Terence Nance Make the Space Jam Sequel a Reality?

Image copyright Warner Bros. 1996

The pinnacle of the Looney Tunes 1990s fame came during the 1996 blockbuster Space Jam that saw the likes of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Wile E. Coyote share the screen with Bill Murray, Wayne Knight, and acclaimed basketball icon Michael Jordan.

The movie was equal parts cartoon mayhem and sporting docu-drama, with the Looney Tunes and Jordan taking on the invading aliens, the Monstars.

And, for the past number of years, a sequel has been planned.

However, for just as long, there’s been little to no progress made on the Space Jam sequel.

Until now, it would seem.

Warner Bros. is reportedly in ‘advanced talks’ with Terence Nance to direct the movie, taking over from previously attached Justin Lin (of Star Trek Beyond fame), as per The Wrap.

Nance is currently serving as the writer, director, executive producer, and star of upcoming HBO series Random Acts of Flyness.

The long-gestating Space Jam 2 has been on the cards since 2016. Whilst the original movie showcased Michael Jordan’s Hall of Fame career, the lead basketball-turned-Earth-saver will be played by the Los Angeles Lakers‘ superstar Lebron James. James signed a production deal with WB after he appeared in 2015’s Trainwreck. This deal included an option for the new Space Jam movie, which will also grant James final script approval on the project, presuming he decides to join.

Director Justin Lin had first been approached by the studio to direct, however, he was forced to drop out of the project earlier this year – partially because of delays which included James’ busy schedule as both a forward and the team captain for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The original movie was not plagued with such conflicts as Michael Jordan had retired from professional sports by 1996.

Whilst James is heavily speculated to star in the movie, there currently aren’t many other names attached to the project, which includes Bill Murray’s return.

Whether this movie ever sees the light of day remains to be seen, but, with James’ role in the Lakers meaning he spends a lot of time near Hollywood, the potential for him to take on the role seem a bit more attainable.

-James, 07/08/2018

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