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Ladies and Gentlenerds, Guys and Geeks; Welcome to the What the Nerd Heard website.

Following on from a weekly radio show of the same name found on Calon FM (105FM within the Wrexham, North Wales area, or available online at http://www.calonfm.com), What the Nerd Heard has covered movie and TV news, with particular focus on the popular “superhero” genre made famous by movies like Marvel’s Iron Man, Captain America, and DC’s Batman Vs Superman, and by TV shows such as Channel 5’s Gotham. To expand on all of this news, we have created a website to cover all of the stuff you can expect to hear about on the show and then some.

But, we’re not just about the Movies and TV, oh no sirree Bob! We also look at Video Games and Comic Books. On the show, you can expect a weekly round-up of upcoming releases. Here, though, we’ll be providing reviews and recommendations of some of our favourite games and comic books. Exciting times.

And, as an extra special bonus, we’ll also be running regular Origins segments on some of the men, women, creatures, items, places, and events from all corners of the Nerdy Universe. So, if you don’t know your Batman from your Zubat, it’s bound to be an informative section.


“The Nerd-in-the-Know” James  Wright


Your Nerds in the Know

James Wright

Hello followers. I’m the resident founder and de facto editor of What the Nerd Heard, so everything you read, see, and hear on this website has come through my good self.

I was born in the city of Chester, England at 1:30 am on 9th December 1989 but have lived in an unpronounceable North Wales village since then.

I’ve ventured as far a field as France (Disneyland, natch), but that’s not the crux of my geographical being.

My family is mostly Irish, with my father and grandmother (on my mother’s side) being born in Northern Ireland. I credit my exceptionally long eyelashes, fondness for quips and jokes, and appreciation for alcohol to this Gaelic presence in my life.

I have gained a 2:1 Honours Degree from Wrexham Glyndwr University after studying Broadcasting, Journalism, and Media Communications for 3 years.

Whilst in Uni, I got involved with a local radio station (Calon FM) and founded What the Nerd Heard.

Before the lights and glamour of WTNH though, I had been in McDonald’s for 3 and a half years – hey, we’ve all got to start somewhere.

As you can gather from the extent of my posts on here, my main interests revolve around comic books (Marvel, mainly, but I have dabbled in publications such as Zenescope, Archie, and the company formerly known as Fleetway who produced the British version of Sonic the Comics – the 1st comic I ever read). I also have a keen interest in video games, having been self-diagnosed as a gamer through and through since the age of around 8, I believe. I’ve seen the legendary conflicts between Sony and Nintendo, the dawning of the new millennium of gaming, and the constant one-upmanship between Sony and Microsoft, and I’ve played on (nearly) every console during that time. My all time, top 3 favourite games, by the way, are 1) Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, 2) Sonic Adventure 2, and 3) WWE: Here Comes the Pain!.

And whilst we’re on the subject of WWE, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with all things wrestling for as long as I can imagine. What started as a simple play on my best friend’s copy of SmackDown! 2 way back when, has now grown to following the likes of Bray Wyatt, Edge, and Finn Balór on Twitter, and watching countless YouTube videos on what’s wrong with the industry. I just can’t get enough. And, like many with as deep an obsession as mine, I dabbled in becoming the NEXT BIG THING when I started wrestling practice. Having a dodgy knee already halted my tenure in practice, but I have every intention to get back into it – just looking for an excuse really.

I’ve also enjoyed a storied relationship with cinema. I studied Film Studies in college, and thoroughly enjoyed it – not just because you get to watch movies for several hours a week. I developed an appreciation for the ins and outs of the industry; the cinematography, the mise-en-scene, the development of narratives, and how there are only 7 basic plot points that anything can follow (Overcoming the monster; rags to riches; the quest; voyage and return; comedy; tragedy; and rebirth). Sorry, I’m sounding increasingly nerdy, but then again, I do profess to be a Nerd-in-the-Know.

I enjoy reading, writing (obviously), music, radio (as you may have guessed), and drawing. In the past I’ve produced my own comic book, which I may end up putting on here one day if I ever finish it, and my own children’s book.

One day, you may see my name on books and comics, but until then, this will have to do.

My name is James Wright, and this is a small glimpse into my world.



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