A Black Widow Movie May Be On Its Way

From Captain America, to Iron-Man, to Thor, we've had plenty of Marvel's leading men take the centre stage in the movies. Now, though, there's a potential that the Avenger's very own femme fatale could be getting the same treatment.

“Going to the Movies has Become Like a Theme Park” – Do You Agree with Jodie Foster?

From Jodie Foster's comments on what's "ruining Hollywood" to James Gunn having a go at what needs to change in the industry, this post has it all. Even a little bit of Rotten Tomatoes, just for good measure.

Marvel Drops 1st Avengers: Infinity War Trailer, And It Is Epic!

Avengers: Infinity War trailer is here, and we're more than a little bit excited for it all. The hype is building, the anticipation is growing....and Captain America actually does have a beard. Go figure!

How Long Does it Take to Get a Sequel to The Incredibles? 14 Years Apparently. The First Teaser Trailer Drops

My all-time favourite Pixar movie has had a long time to stagnate in the ether of the company's back-catalogue. Whilst we were all but guaranteed a sequel, The Incredibles 2 just never really materialised. However, in perhaps the biggest news in Pixar's history (since Toy Story 3 being revealed to be the "end" for the storyarc), we are finally getting a sequel! The Incredibles 2 is actually happening. There's a release date and everything!

Cable is Coming to Deadpool 2, but Josh Brolin Reveals He’s Sticking Around After His Time with the Merc with the Mouth

Deadpool 2 news for you now, and it seems like we won't have a shortage of Cable following the movie's release. Actor Josh Brolin comments on his future in the role and where it'll lead to.