Is Robert Downey Jr. Ready For Sherlock Holmes 3?

Robert Downey Jr may be much more familiar to fans as the MCU's resident billionaire playboy philanthropist, he's also played one of the most famous of literary detectives on two occasions. But, could he finally be making his third outing as Mr Sherlock Holmes?


Brie Larson Looks to Take the MCU Back to the ’90s.

Kevin Feige confirms that Captain Marvel will have a hand in reshaping the Marvel Cinematic Universe's past.

Stan Lee, Rushed To & Released From Hospital, “Feeling Great.”

Stan Lee, creator of many of Marvel's biggest characters and "King of the Cameos", was rushed into hospital recently after suffering "heart problems". Fear not though, he's still kicking!

Set Photos Reveal Something About Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel

First set photos of Captain Marvel have surfaced, and fans are a little concerned over one aspect of the character.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Sequel to The Incredibles? 14 Years Apparently. The First Teaser Trailer Drops

My all-time favourite Pixar movie has had a long time to stagnate in the ether of the company's back-catalogue. Whilst we were all but guaranteed a sequel, The Incredibles 2 just never really materialised. However, in perhaps the biggest news in Pixar's history (since Toy Story 3 being revealed to be the "end" for the storyarc), we are finally getting a sequel! The Incredibles 2 is actually happening. There's a release date and everything!