Paramount’s Sonic The Hedgehog Races Towards the Big Screen

The Sonic the Hedgehog movie is racing towards cinemas, albeit, later than anyone expected. Still, Paramount has Tim Miller, Neal H Moritz, and Jeff Fowler on the case.


Are You Ready Player One? The 2nd Trailer Drops, With Added Imagination

Tye Sheridan leads us on a trip to the OASIS in the 2nd trailer for Ready Player One. Just remember to bring your imagination.

The Rock and Co. Go On a Rampage in First Trailer

It's officially time to go on a Rampage, with Dwayne Johnson. The first trailer (and official poster) have dropped, and it's certainly "big meets bigger!" It's a treat for the fans of the monster arcade game, and for fans of giant albino gorillas. There's probably some sort of market for that out there.

Are you Ready, Player One? Tye Sheridan and Co. Bring Ernest Cline’s Sci-Fi/’80s Homage to the Big Screen

Tye Sheridan, wearing a VR headset, in an aluminium box. Doesn't sound like the set-up for a good film, does it? But Ready Player One looks to be as impressive as all the video games, '80s music videos, and sci-fi movies that you've ever seen all rolled into one glorious outing. I mean just look at those visuals! CGI never looked better!