Is It Time For the Gambit Movie to Fold?

There's some more woes for the Gambit solo movie now. Will this movie ever get off the ground? Or does Channing Tatum hold an Ace up his sleeve?


“Here Come the Men In Black” Back for More MiB Action, Sony Announce Plans For the Franchise.

As the Fresh Prince once told us; "they're the first, last, and only line of defence against the worst scum in the universe." Yep, those Men in Black are back apparently, doing things that they probably won't let you remember. afterwards. You know, because of the Neuralizer?

The Ragin’ Cajun Might Finally be Getting a Solo Movie Outing, and Channing Tatum is Still Onboard.

James Wright's 4th favourite X-Men character Gambit may actually, finally, maybe, possibly be making his way to the big screen for a solo outing. There's news from the red carpet from Channing Tatum himself on the subject. So, playing cards, bo staff, and trench coats at the ready, because it's about time we had some news on everyone's favourite Ragin' Cajun, Remy LeBeau.