“Don’t Fall Asleep” Because You Might Miss What Robert Englund Had to Say About His Future as Freddy Krueger

We are so close to Hallowe'en that a load of my mobile games have implemented their spooky artwork, some of the big supermarkets have launched their Halloween adverts, and Robert Englund has spoken about his future as Freddy Krueger. Okay, that was quite tenuous, but the Nightmare on Elm Street star had some choice words for his future in one of horror's most iconic roles.

The City of Townsville, Has A New Powerpuff Girl to Help Defend It. Whoopass Stew Has Come A Long Way.

I do so love the Powerpuff Girls. Everything about them just makes me glad that the world has cartoons and superheroes and cartoon superheroes. But, wait, what's this you say? There's a fourth Powerpuff Girl now? Hmm...

Stephen King’s IT is Making a Killing – Pardon the Pun – in Cinemas, and a Sequel is Floating Our Way Soon Enough

There aren't a great many things that scare me. Spiders. Moths. Cotton Wool. Clowns. So, guess what I get to talk to you about in this post. Yep, Stephen King's IT has been so successful that I couldn't not talk about the eventuality of a sequel. Yay, more clowns!

Lara Croft is Coming Back to the Big Screen. NEW Tomb Raider fans, rejoice!

There's a Tomb Raider movie coming out! No, it's not 2001 all over again, don't worry. Warner Bros. are bringing us a big-screen adaptation of Lara Croft's recent outings in the video game world, which is great! And, there's not a sign of Angelina anywhere in sight.