Get Ready For a Kick-Ass Celebration of Mark Millar’s Beloved Series, 10-Years in the Making

Mark Millar's world has been changed dramatically this year, with Netflix purchasing his series of comic books. Now, one of Millar's best-loved characters is coming back to the page, but there's plenty of changes about to rock the series. Be ready, because the new series will totally Kick-Ass!

Netflix and Millarworld Are Already Hard at Work – Their 1st Collaboration is Coming Early 2018

Millarworld and Netflix's collaboration is already off to a great start. The first property that the pair will produce is a fantasy-cum-crime-thriller comic book, due out early next year.

How Do You Say “Explosion” in Spanish? Michael Bay to Produce Dora the Explorer Movie

Michael Bay. I'm pretty sure you can't even say his name without an explosion going off somewhere in the world. Anyways, Michael Bay has got his hands on a big screen adaptation of a beloved franchise. Which one, you ask? Well, let's just say, it's not the sort of connection you would ever normally make. Hollywood, hey?

“Don’t Fall Asleep” Because You Might Miss What Robert Englund Had to Say About His Future as Freddy Krueger

We are so close to Hallowe'en that a load of my mobile games have implemented their spooky artwork, some of the big supermarkets have launched their Halloween adverts, and Robert Englund has spoken about his future as Freddy Krueger. Okay, that was quite tenuous, but the Nightmare on Elm Street star had some choice words for his future in one of horror's most iconic roles.

The City of Townsville, Has A New Powerpuff Girl to Help Defend It. Whoopass Stew Has Come A Long Way.

I do so love the Powerpuff Girls. Everything about them just makes me glad that the world has cartoons and superheroes and cartoon superheroes. But, wait, what's this you say? There's a fourth Powerpuff Girl now? Hmm...