A New Team is Assembled to Sort Out the Dark Universe Disaster

The Dark Universe creeps out of its dusty cave to rear its ugly head once more.


Kaya Scodelario Has Some Ideas For the Future of the Pirates of the Caribbean Movies, And Guess What?

A Pirates of the Caribbean spin-off? Well, who on Earth would have thought that considering they introduced two new characters in what was supposed to be the "last" movie in the franchise. Money talks, or should I say; avast, ye scurvy dawgs, grab me my booty. Or something.

“IF YOU SMELL, WHAT THE WOLFMAN IS COOKING” Universal Eye Up Dwayne Johnson for Their Dark Universe

From the Mummy kicking off Universal Studios' shared monster Dark Universe, the studio has their eyes set on the People's Champ to fill in some really hairy shoes - that metaphor got away from me.