FOX and Marvel TV Presents The Gifted, A Mutant-Focused Family Adventure.

The Gifted is bringing a motley crew of ragtag Exiles to the small-screen, with Magneto's daughter Polaris, the teleporting pink mutant Blink, and the Strucker family in-tow. Things look like they might be getting hectic with that amount of mutant powers on display, but at least it'll look cool. Plus, this is the 2nd collaboration between Fox and Marvel - are we inching ever closer to that fabled time where we finally get the X-Men and Fantastic Four in the MCU?

The Ragin’ Cajun Might Finally be Getting a Solo Movie Outing, and Channing Tatum is Still Onboard.

James Wright's 4th favourite X-Men character Gambit may actually, finally, maybe, possibly be making his way to the big screen for a solo outing. There's news from the red carpet from Channing Tatum himself on the subject. So, playing cards, bo staff, and trench coats at the ready, because it's about time we had some news on everyone's favourite Ragin' Cajun, Remy LeBeau.