REVIEW: Dark Universe’s The Mummy (2017) by James Wright

You wanted it, you got it. This Nerd-in-the-Know gives us honest opinion on Universal Studios' 2017 remake of the Mummy - spoiler free just in case.


“IF YOU SMELL, WHAT THE WOLFMAN IS COOKING” Universal Eye Up Dwayne Johnson for Their Dark Universe

From the Mummy kicking off Universal Studios' shared monster Dark Universe, the studio has their eyes set on the People's Champ to fill in some really hairy shoes - that metaphor got away from me.

Universal Studio’s 1st Entry into Their Dark Universe is Nearly Here. Can Mr Cruise and Mr Crowe Defeat the Evil Sofia Boutella.

A review for the trailer of the Tom Cruise lead Mummy reboot. Inside this post, we find out a little more on the nature of Tom Cruise's character in the movie, as well as Russell Crowe's potential Nick Fury-esque role in Universal Studios' 'Dark Universe'.