“Party On Guys!” Keanu Reeves Has Some EXCELLENT News For Bill & Ted Fans – NYCC Fallout

There's some EXCELLENT news for Bill and Ted fans coming out of the New York Comic-Con. The man himself, Mister Keanu Reeves has confirmed what fans have longed for for nearly two decades.


Kevin Smith Has a Definitive Opinion on a Potential Dogma 2 Sequel – NYCC Fallout

Kevin Smith was at the New York Comic-Con and spoke about all things Kevin Smith. So, naturally, things concerning his movies, and whether or not a certain religious themed comedy could be seeing new light in the form of a sequel.

‘I Want to [Be]Leave’ – Gillian Anderson Discusses X-Files Future

The Truth is Out There...and the truth is, Scully may be on her way out of the X-Files. Gillian Anderson spoke to journalists at the recent New York Comic-Con about her time in the series. Maybe all that time dropping aliens and cracking conspiracies has become a bit too tedious. But, all good things must come to an end.