Could There Be Yet Another Hero Coming Taking Part in the Infinity War? IMDb Seems to Think So

IMDb has been starting up the rumours. A character known as Cindy may or may not be making her debut as a superhero. Avengers: Infinity War has one jam-packed cast list, so how on earth can they pack any more in?

Silver and Black Development; Villains, Plot Points, and Sony’s Ideas for the Franchise’s Future Inside

Silver and Black news now, including a basic outline of the plot, some idea on where Sony want to take this early entry into their burgeoning Spider-Verse franchise, and, most interestingly, a few of the villains the movie could feature.

Spider-Man Swings Into Action in Marvel Studios’ Homecoming, with Tom Holland Doing Justice to the Web-Head

With Tom Holland firmly enjoying his time on top of a weird, web-covered mountaintop, Marvel Studios are surely pleased with themselves. Mr Holland has only helped push the MCU past the $12 billion mark!