Get Ready to Welcome a Brand New Superhero to the Marvel Universe

One of the best Marvel related mobile games on the market is about to reveal a brand new, canonically accepted character. And you can get them for FREE if you act fast enough.

A Movie You Can Really Sink Your Teeth Into – Sony Announce Their Third Spider-Verse Movie

As if Venom and Silver & Black weren't enough for Sony Picture's Spider-Man inspired "Spider-Verse", they've only announced a new entry into their shared cinematic outing. And this one has a certain sense of the vampiric about it.

Andy Serkis Weighs in on Tom Hardy’s Venom Solo Movie – Expect to See Plenty of CGI

The Venom solo movie has been a long time coming already, but things are coming along nicely already. A mere few weeks into filming, things seem to be on track for the first of Sony's Spider-Man spin-off movies. Of course, when you think about Venom, you know that his physiology isn't exactly solid. So, how do get that right on the big screen? Andy Serkis seems to know.

“Here Come the Men In Black” Back for More MiB Action, Sony Announce Plans For the Franchise.

As the Fresh Prince once told us; "they're the first, last, and only line of defence against the worst scum in the universe." Yep, those Men in Black are back apparently, doing things that they probably won't let you remember. afterwards. You know, because of the Neuralizer?

Silver and Black Development; Villains, Plot Points, and Sony’s Ideas for the Franchise’s Future Inside

Silver and Black news now, including a basic outline of the plot, some idea on where Sony want to take this early entry into their burgeoning Spider-Verse franchise, and, most interestingly, a few of the villains the movie could feature.